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PERU | Chanchamayo region

Dark Roast

100% Arabica Coffee Beans

Fair Trade Certified

Net. Wt. 12 oz. (340g) 

Nazca K-Fe's Premium Coffee Dark Roast 12oz

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Our perfect and delicious gourmet coffee is proudly roasted in South Bethlehem.  The chocolaty, low acidity, and low bitterness taste distinguishes our coffee from other brands.  The taste can relax and comfort the mood of any coffee enthusiast. 


    Peru is well known for having excellent Arabica coffee beans.  The quality is extremely high as a result of having the perfect altitude and climate for harvests.  The country currently holds one of the world’s highest rate of Arabica Typica cultivations.   The species Typica provides coffee with the perfect blend of aroma and taste.


    Our coffee is cultivated and processed in the coffee producing region of Chanchamayo in the heart of the rain forest.  The region of Chanchamayo is recognized for cultivating the best coffee in the country. 

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